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Things Foreigners with Telex Visas Need to Know during Covid-19 Pandemic in Indonesia

Things Foreigners with Telex Visas Need to Know during Covid-19 Pandemic in Indonesia

Things Foreigners with Telex Visas Need to Know during Covid-19 Pandemic in Indonesia

Covid-19 outbreaks have urged the Indonesian Government to implement some policies to prevent worse situations. One of the major issues to regulate is the movement of foreigners. On 2 April 2020, the Ministry of Law and Human Rights Regulation Number 11 of 2020 about Temporary Prohibition of Foreigners from Entering Indonesia (MOL 11/2020) was issued. The regulation has confused expatriates who intend to enter Indonesia, especially those who already obtained the telex visa or visa approval. Telex Visa will be valid for 60 days since its issuance date. During that time, foreigners must claim their Telex Visa to the Embassy of Republic Indonesia in their country. 

However, amid the Corona Virus outbreak, the policy to prevent foreigners from entering Indonesia is enforced, and some Indonesian Embassies also close their offices and do not accept any visa application. This condition sparks worries among foreigners who have obtained Telex Visa since their Telex Visas will expire before they claim it. In response to that situation, Directorate General of Immigration issued Circular Number IMI-GR.01.01-2493 of 2020 about Circular of Immigration Directorate Number IMI-GR.01.01-2325 of 2020 on Temporary Prohibition of Foreigners from Entering Indonesia Specifying Procedures to Grant Licenses for ITAS Holders / ITAP / IMK / Visa / Visa Agreement which Expired (CL 2493/2020). Here are several things to know for foreigners with Telex Visa which will be expired but have yet to claim it in the Indonesian Embassies.

Reactivated in 60 Days

In the normal situation, foreigners who obtained Telex Visa will have 60 days to claim it in the Indonesian Embassies. However, in the current situation, most Indonesian Embassies cannot process Telex Visa claims due to the restriction of foreigners to enter Indonesia or lockdown policy in their countries. According to CL 2493/2020, Telex Visa which was issued after 01 January 2020 and has yet to be claimed will be reactivated after National Emergency status in Indonesia was revoked. The Telex Visa will remain valid for 60 days after the revocation date. 

For example, Mr. Alex obtained his Telex Visa on 19 March 2020. It means that, normally, the Telex Visa has to be claimed before 19 May 2020. If he does not claim his Telex Visa after 60 days, it will expire. However, in this current situation, his Telex Visa will not expire until 60 days after the National Emergency revocation date.

National Emergency Revocation Date

According to Decree of the Head of the National Agency for Disaster Management Number 13 A of 2020 on Extension of Specific Condition Status of Pandemic Disaster Emergency due to COVID 19 (BNPB Decree 13A/2020), National Emergency Status of COVID-19 ends on 29 May 2020. It means Telex Visa holders will have 60 days after 29 May 2020 to claim Telex Visa in Indonesian Embassies.

However, on 27 May 2020, COVID-19 Mitigation Acceleration Task Force issued a Circular (Circular 6/2020) which stipulates that COVID-19 status as National Emergency will follow Presidential Decree No. 12 of 2020 on Determination of COVID-19 Status as a Non-Natural Disaster. The Circular also states that the emergency status of COVID-19 cannot be decided specifically, therefore it will follow the Presidential Decree. 

Hence, there has been no specific date yet as when the Emergency Status of COVID-19 will be revoked.

Recommendation Letter from BKPM

On 28 May 2020, Ministry of Law and Human Rights, Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) and Ministry and Manpower made a deal regarding how foreigners can enter Indonesia during Covid 19 Pandemic. The company who guarantees foreign workers  must apply for a recommendation letter to BKPM. That recommendation letter is used to claim the Telex Visa in Indonesian Embassy.

It must be noted that the foreigners must make sure of the Telex Visa claim policy of Indonesian Embassy in their country of origin.

Stay Updated

Since there is no exact date regarding the revocation of Emergency Status, foreigners who need to claim their Telex Visa have to stay updated. Once the status is revoked, there are only 60 days to claim Telex Visa in Indonesian Embassies. Kindly visit our website regularly to get the most updated information


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