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How to Apply an Affidavit in Indonesia - BP Lawyers

How to Apply an Affidavit in Indonesia

Prepare the passport of children with dual nationality and the proof of children registration to obtain the Affidavit Card.

The Mixed – Couple Marriages between Indonesians and Foreigners is increasing. In Indonesia, the children of mixed-couple marriages will have dual nationality following their parents until they are 18 years old.

As happened to our client, an Indonesian women married to a Malaysian. Their marriage has been four years and they have a child who is currently two years old. The child have a Malaysia Passport, and her mother is worried that his dual nationality will be lost because he has a Malaysia Passport.

First, parents or mixed-couple marriages have a responsibility to register their children, in order to have dual nationality. The registration can be applied in immigration office according to the child domicile or in Indonesian Embassy. As regulated in the Regulation of the Minister of Law and Human Rights number 22 of 2012 (“Permenkumham 22/2012”).

If the child has a Foreign Nationality Passport, then the child is entitled to get an Immigration Facility, namely:

  1. Exemption from the obligation of having a visa;
  2. Exemption from the obligation of having a immigration permit and re-entry permit, and;
  3. Providing an entry or exit sign treated as Indonesian.


Parents will get Registration Proof that will be used for obtaining immigration facility. This immigration facility is called Affidavit, and card-formed.

Affidavit can be obtained by submitting an application to Immigration Office according to the child domicile, with the following requirements;

  1. The child foreign nationality passport;
  2. Proof of registration of a Child with dual nationality.


With this affidavit, children with dual nationality can be freely enter or exit Indonesia without obtaining a visa first.

Please be noted that the Affidavit will be valid until the Children is 18 years old.

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Author : Laura Reggyna/ Anggi Caesar



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