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Solving Disputes Between Individuals

Civil litigation or lawsuits are the legal disputes between individuals, companies or non-profit organizations that seek to obtain compensation for damage or recover a right. Civil litigation law is the field of law that resolves cases brought to the court by anyone. On the other hand, criminal law is the area that judges cases involving individuals versus the State. A lawyer who deals with disputes between individuals is called civil litigation lawyer.

Laws that defend the interests of common people and the society are called litigation laws. Basically, a lawsuit filed results into two parts: the lawbreaker gets punished and victim gets justice. The judge or the jury members determine every characteristic of the lawsuit and give an unbiased judgment. The verdict at the end of the trial is final and binding.

If you are considering filing a lawsuit, you should seek a civil business lawyer. You must be truthful and let your litigation lawyer know all the details about your case so that your litigation lawyer can assess your case and give you a straightforward assessment of your case.

A civil litigation lawyer is a legal advisor who assists in sorting out private and legal matters through trials in court. Litigation consists of all legal matters related with the trial process, which includes debates, arguments or controversy between two or more parties.

The process of litigation consists of filing a lawsuit, trials, evidence and judgments & awards. These processes can take many months or years to be completed. An experienced civil litigation lawyer assists in defending your case by sorting your issues as soon as possible.

Litigation lawyers are professional civil attorneys with ample experience and knowledge to deal with any kind of criminal and civil cases. A knowledgeable civil litigation lawyer will be well prepared for the trial in court. Many cases are resolved outside the court with negotiation, this helps in avoiding spending extra money and time.

There are many dissimilar cases that are considered under litigation. When an individual commits the crime against society or breaks the state of law, then it comes under criminal litigation case. For the welfare of the society, the state, the local and the federal government takes necessary action against the offender.


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