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Writing Training Course is 3 days training held by BPL Foundation aims for fulfilling actual needs for law practitioner and enthusiast in: Conduct a research, find issues/topics and doing problem solvings, communicate ideas effectively, create better structure about ideas in writings and having clearof it, concise and engaging writings. Writing training course was successfully held in December, 14th, 21st and 28th November 2015 by Davidson Samosir in the session.

Around 6 law enthusiasts from different background take participation in fully interactive and attractive class. By one on one coaching, participants were got information about: choose a topic, plan an outline, create the writing and channeling for article publishing. After the session, they had to make a writing which would submitted in the next day. On 21st December, all the law enthusiasts were given one on one coaching by Davidson. He let all participant to ask anything about the writing while they also revised it. In the last session, participant were given one on one feedback from the trainer and channeling information for publish their writing.

All positive reaction given to the trainer and organizer from all participant. Knowledgeable and very communicative are the most reaction given by participant for the trainer. Hospitallity became second most reaction of it. There was no hesistation in participant lies for promoting this course to their relatives.

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