Litigation Training : The Succesful Litigation In Civil Claim

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Litigation training is a training held by BPL Foundation aims for fulfilling actual needs for law practitioner and enthusiast in: Having successful civil prosecution, Accept new perspective in litigation strategy, Getting latest information in handling civil prosecution case and Networking medium for law practitioner. Litigation training was successfully held in december, 17th 2015 presenting by Bimo Prasetio and Fredrik Jacob Pinakunary in the session.

Litigation training was held in two session starts from 09.00 until 15.00. First session of training presented by Bimo Prasetio discussed about winning a lawsuit from formil aspect. Bimo gave information to participant about: Important points in checking proxy letter during court session, Do’(s) and don’t(s), weakness checking thoroughly in formil aspect and case study. In the second session, Frederik Jacob Pinakunary focusing the discussion about strategy for winning a law suit. Evidence preparation and witness for supporting a suit also counting right calculation of a compensation become the second session focus.

10 law practitioner and enthusiast from various background were participated in the training. The training resulted great reception. Recommendation to participate in Litigation training come from participant to their colleagues because all material presented by the speakers are suitable with the litigation issue that is evolve.


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