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Archive for June 2017

Steps for Employer Not to Be Fined Due to Late Wage Payment


The Law defines wage as the right of the worker/laborer that is received and expressed in the form of money as remuneration from the entrepreneur or the employer to workers/laborers, whose amount is determined and paid according to a work agreement, consensus, or laws and regulations, including allowances for the worker/laborers and their family for…

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Three Tips on Identifying the Validity of Signatures in Documents


Documents are all forms of writing found on a particular tool / paper / place, used for particular purpose. As time and technology developed, false documents are often found. False document is a document that has been fully/partially altered by violating the rights, made by a person with certain purpose, and may be presented as…

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Three Types of the Criminal Action of Money Laundering You Should Know


In Law Number 8 of 2010 on Countermeasure and Eradication of Money Laundering (Law on Money Laundering), the criminal actions of money laundering are classified into three provisions: The Criminal Action of Money Laundering regulated in Article 3: Anyone who places, transfers, forwards, spends, pays, grants, deposits, takes to the abroad, changes the form, changes…

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