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Archive for March 2016

The Pocedure To Register Arbitration Award In Distric Court

Arbitration award is final and binding since it has resolved by arbitrator or arbitrators. It has been explained on Law No. 30 of 1999 concerning Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution (“Arbitration Law“), It has made it  impossible to appeal the arbitration award to other stage or jurisdictions of court. That nature of award is being…

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Solving Disputes Between Individuals

Civil litigation or lawsuits are the legal disputes between individuals, companies or non-profit organizations that seek to obtain compensation for damage or recover a right. Civil litigation law is the field of law that resolves cases brought to the court by anyone. On the other hand, criminal law is the area that judges cases involving…

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The House of Representatives passed the Law on Halal Product Guarantee(“Halal Law”) to provide legal certainty toward the Halal condition of a product, which is proven by a Halal Certificate. The Halal Law is relevant to broad business activities, since it involves Halal Product Process that is a series of activities to ensure a product…

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Important Note Related to ActioPauliana in Bankruptcy Cases

“The basis of Actiopauliana lawsuit is creditor damages.” In various bankruptcy cases can be found the existence of legal action by the creditors to nullify the debtor’s transactions, which is considered causing damage to the creditors. This action is known as actiopauliana. Furthermore, there are three conditions in actiopauliana, which are: There is legal action…

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